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5 Steps To Effective Negotiating

5 Steps To Effective Negotiating – It can be very difficult to effectively negotiate to get what you want. Don’t let nerves or lack of know how stand between you and your dream. Follow these steps to be the best negotiator around!
1. Go big or go home! This is such a common saying, but also very important. Be ambitious with what you are asking for then you can work your way down.

2. View your counterpart as an equal. It is easy to view the person opposing you as a power source. Never underestimate yourself!

3. Don’t take “no” for an answer. Rather use it as an opportunity to ask what you can do to get a yes. Asking under differing circumstances can make all the difference in gaining what you desire.

4. Put it in writing. It can be easier to develop your plan before you begin negotiating. This can help ease nerves, as well as back-up plans if yours doesn’t happen to go through. If you can outline all of the reasons why your offer should be accepted and guidelines for doing so, it will be much easier for your opposition to say “yes”!

5. Do not give in during a negotiation. Try using silence for a few moments and asking plenty of questions to get the conversation rolling. Remember, the longer you give them to consider, the more likely they are to agree!

Now.. It’s time to start negotiating the right way!!

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