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5 Tips For Staging Your Home

5 Tips For Staging Your Home – The way you live in your home and the way you sell your home are totally different. Staging has become a big part of what it takes to sell a home. If you or someone you know is looking to sell their home this year, here are a few tips you should know…

  1. Boost curb appeal. This may seem like common sense, but the exterior of the home is a potential buyer’s first impression of the home and will often set the tone for the rest of the tour. Make sure your home is ready for viewers by power washing the siding and windows, making sure the lawn and flower beds are taken care of, painting or staining any faded parts and hanging easy-to-read house numbers.
  2. Clear away the clutter. This is often one of the more difficult parts of staging and may require a professional. Buyers want to be able to picture themselves living in a home, which is difficult if all of your knick-knacks and photos are there. The more space the better, so get rid of anything laying on counters or coffee tables, go through closets, take down pictures and put everything unnecessary into storage.
  3. Make rooms appear bigger. Space is something all homeowners are looking for. If a room is a little small, there are ways to make it appear bigger than it really is. To make a room appear more spacious, paint it the same color as an adjacent room to make them feel like one large space. Another trick is to paint the walls the same color as your drapes.
  4. Beware pet odors. Dogs and cats are cute. Smelly rooms are not cute. Take the time to steam clean floors and any furniture your pets use. Also pay attention to cleaning up any pet hair and putting away toys and other pet accessories when buyers are touring the home.
  5. Don’t forget the outdoors! If you have a patio, porch or backyard, be sure to stage these areas, especially during the warmer months. Make sure the outdoor area is kept up and clear of any clutter, then add some personal touches like a table and chairs or a hammock.

We hope these tips give you some good ideas for staging. Keep these in mind and your home will be sold in no time!

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