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What Is Fair Housing and How Does It Affect Me?

what is fair housing and how does it effect me - freeland marketing group1

What Is Fair Housing and How Does It Affect Me? There are a number of things you need to be aware of as a homeowner or new home buyer. Buying or selling your home is one of the most significant events in your lifetime, and many people do it more than once. It’s a significant process that requires a lot of thought and consideration, as well as an immense amount of responsibility for the buyer and the seller. There are some laws that you need to be aware of in the process of buying and selling your home – one of them is the fair housing act.

What Is It?

The fair housing act is a national policy, declaring housing to be equal for everyone in the United States. It makes discrimination, under any circumstance (age, race, gender, etc.), illegal when considering the purchase of a home. It states that each person in the country should have equal access to any home of their choosing.

What Does It Mean?

The fair housing act means that no one, under any circumstance, can be refused a home because of any type of discrimination if he or she is qualified to rent or purchase the home. It is a way to protect individuals from being evicted or turned away from a home, due to another person’s bias.

How Does It Affect You?

This can affect you as a home buyer and seller, but it will help you to know your rights.

As a home seller, you have a responsibility to not discriminate against the person or persons purchasing your home. You cannot refuse someone based on their age, gender, race, disabilities, etc. You can also not convey to your agent any type of guidelines or limitations for individuals in the selling/buying process.

As a home buyer, you have the right to expect to receive equal opportunities when it comes to the home buying process. This right includes the opportunity to consider a broad range of housing choices, equal professional services, among others.

The fair housing act, in general, is a way to protect home sellers and homebuyers from any type of discrimination. To learn more about fair housing and what it means for you, please visit here. Do you have any questions about fair housing? Comment to share with us!

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