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3 Reasons to Go Suburban at Powell Place

bench-560435_1280Whether you live in large city and are looking for someplace with a quieter atmosphere, or in a small town and are considering the employment opportunities and amenities of a big city, suburban life might be the perfect middle-ground option.

Suburban towns located on the fringe of larger cities, such as Columbus, are a great compromise for those seeking a quieter community with the amenities of a larger city.

Some Benefits of Suburban Life

Popular belief might suggest that to work in a big city or to take advantage of big-city amenities, you have to live in a big city. For some, the excitement and closeness of large cities is just what they’re looking for, but others prefer a quieter home environment with a little more breathing room.

The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for convenience and opportunity. Suburban towns like Powell, OH offer easy city access in a quiet, green, and friendly suburban community.

In fact, many might argue that the benefits of suburban living in a town like Powell greatly outweigh those of urban living. Here are three reasons why they’re exactly right.

1. Green Space and Recreation Abound

Though most cities have their share of city parks and tree-lined neighborhoods, they just can’t compare to the outdoor beauty and accompanying recreational life of a smaller town.

For example, the City of Powell is located minutes from the Scioto River and features eight parks and nature reserves. It also has over 13 miles of trails and pathways, and boasts two golf Country Clubs.

2. Smaller Towns Have Higher Safety Ratings

Smaller towns very often have much higher safety ratings and lower emergency response times and crime rates than big cities, which is an important consideration for everyone. The City of Powell boasts a 2-minute 17-second average police response time.

3. More Affordable Luxury Living in Neighborhoods like Powell Place

Located in the heart of Powell, Powell Place exemplifies the very best of suburban living.

Featuring such amenities as open floor plans, finished basements, stainless steel appliances, arches doorways, glass cabinets, skylights, cathedral ceilings, fireplaces, landscaped yards, and covered porches, Powell Place is the perfect demonstration of a key suburban benefit — luxury living with an affordable price tag.

Your Powell Real Estate Experts

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