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House Hunting is About Finding a Neighborhood for Your Dog, Too, by Cindy Aldridge


When you’re house hunting and you’re a pet owner, remember that you aren’t just looking for a place for you. What you need is a home and a neighborhood that’s good for them, too. Keep these things in mind when you’re looking for a new house and find the perfect place for you and your dog.


Play By the Rules


Homeowners associations, city ordinances and neighborhood rules could actually prevent you from having a dog, or place strict regulations on when your dog is allowed to be outside in the yard. Before you commit, contact the local government or homeowner’s association and ask them about any rules they have for pets, specifically rules relating to dogs. Size limitations, in-yard leashing laws and other rules might make you or your fur baby feel too restricted.


Investigate the Neighborhood


Don’t just look at the home and surrounding property that interests you. Take a look at the rest of the neighborhood, too. First, look for other dogs around the neighborhood. Second, go online and do a map search of the area to look for nearby dog parks, veterinarians’ offices and pet stores. You don’t want to buy a new place and find out after the fact that you have to drive 10 miles to get your pup’s favorite brand of special dog food.


Look around the immediate neighborhood and make sure you have a place to walk your dog. Your dog doesn’t want to walk near traffic and will want to stop to use the restroom along the way. Think about the neighborhood in dog terms to see if it’s really suitable for your pet.


Make the Yard a Priority


While you may put the kitchen at the top of your priority list when you’re house hunting, your dog’s number one concern is the yard. Get in the backyard, front yard or side yard and walk around. After all, you’re going to be doing this a lot if you’re a dog owner. Check for large roots or rocks and get a sense of the size of the space. A fenced-in yard is a must for your dog, according to Dogster. If the property doesn’t already have one, factor the cost of building one into your home-buying decision.


Is it Pet-Friendly?


According to the American Kennel Club, if your doggie is going to be inside the house you should see if it’s pet-friendly. Are there stairs that your dog may have trouble using? Are the hallways narrow? Are there tight corners? The last thing you want to do is bump into your pet or wind up stepping over your pet just walking around.


Must Love Dogs


Tell your realtor that you’re a dog owner, and they’ll make extra effort to find a dog-friendly neighborhood. If you’re acting as your own realtor, look for open houses in areas with potential homes to buy and talk to people. Chances are, you’ll find a neighbor or two who’s just scouting out the property. This gives you a chance to ask about neighborhood dogs and places for dogs nearby. The median listing price for a home in Powell, OH, is $412,000. There are houses in all price ranges available, so make sure you’re sticking to your range during all your searches.


Your Ideal Home


You and your pet should both be happy with your new home. Remember to think like your dog when you’re house hunting, and consider the property and neighborhood from their point of view. Consider their needs, and you’ll end up being much happier in your new place.



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